Q: How do I get involved?

A: Marjorie Book Continuing Education is always seeking new members – both with and without disabilities. We welcome participation in one of our educational classes, service projects or theatrical programs.  To get involved, contact Joe Link at (513) 328-6300 or by e-mail at and request a member application.

Q: Is your group just for people with disabilities?

A: No, this truly is a group aimed at bringing people with and without disabilities together.

Q: I don't have any prior experience taking classes, doing service projects or acting. Can I still get involved?

A: Yes; in fact, our group prides itself on being many people’s first exposure to continuing education, service, and acting.

Q: How do you select your plays? Do you do any musicals?

A: Generally, our plays have been intellectually-oriented rather than being “crowd-pleasers”. Many people with disabilities have had opportunities in elementary school or high school to be involved in plays, but often people with disabilities have not been invited to participate in more cognitively- challenging plays by authors like Ionesco, Wilder and Ibsen. We want to expose people with disabilities to something they have not done before.
Yes, we typically perform one musical each year. Past musical selections have included Godspell, Footloose, Quixote, It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Hobbit.. If you are a musician/arranger/choreographer and would like to help us produce a musical, by all means, contact us.

Q: What types of disabilities are represented in your group?

A:  People with physical, mental and emotional disabilities have all been involved in our group.

Q: I live in the Cincinnati area and would like to join up, but I cannot drive. Can anyone drive me to classes and student activities?

A: We always ask that participants first check to see if they are eligible to use ACCESS, the local paratransit system. However, if someone is really interested in joining the group, and does not have transportation, than we will make every effort to assist with transportation. We have some wonderful participants who have big hearts when it comes to driving other participants to and from rehearsal.

Q: How much do your education classes cost? How much do tickets to your plays cost?

A: Marjorie Book Continuing Education has an annual membership fee of $70. For the general public, admission to our plays is $10 or pay what you can.. We cheerfully accept donations of any amount, and all donations are tax-deductible. We will not turn anyone away due to inability to pay, although we would like to brainstorm problem solving ideas with those that may be experiencing financial difficulties. Visitors and short-term volunteers are welcome anytime and do not need to pay any mombershiop fee. Anyone is welcome to participate in the group for their first year without paying the membership fee, although we may ask you to complete a memberhip application.

Q: Where do you get your funding?

A: Scores of generous donors give time and money to the Marjorie Book Continuing Education each year. Our work is also supported by the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, the Junior Women’s Club of Wyoming, the Miller-Valentine Group, American Council of the Blind – Cincinnati Chapter, Artswave and Rogers Jewelers. If you are interested in making a donation at any level, please contact us at (513) 328-6300. All donations are tax deductible.

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